Optional Modules

Thanks to the ingenious modular design of Egothor additional functionality can be had for just the price of adding a jar to your classpath. Of course, if you don't need this extended functionality feel free to skip this. That's the beauty of modular software...it's light, flexible, and configurable to the user's needs. As of this writing there are two such modules available. They are:

What can these offer to the user/indexer/searcher?

How can I add these modules to my Egothor application?

The short answer: Very easily!

Of course the short answer is not usually very helpful, so here goes the real thing:

Visit the Egothor downloads page and download the file you wish to add support for. Then just add that particular jar to your classpath. That's it. Not much more difficult than the short answer but you do have to do some (minimal) work.

See the the section called “How to Form a Query” for instructions on how to form queries which will take advantage of these modules.

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