Indexing Local Pages Using Ant

You can use Ant to index your documents locally. Before you get indexing, though, there are a few housekeeping chores to perform so that the indexing can proceed as you'd want it to.

Open up the build.properties file in your Egothor directory, and right at the top there are a number of properties that you'll need to set for your own local files.

Table 2.1. Indexing Properties in build.properties

index.barrelwhere you'd like the index to be created
index.wwwforms links for querying over the internet. For example, if you wanted to index for the Egothor website, you'd set this to http://www.egothor.org. Leaving it blank will set this property to the same as index.from.
index.fromthe pages you'd like to index
index.csdiacomment this line out if your documents don't contain accent marks
index.snippetscomment this line out if you don't want query term context in your index
index.stemmeruncomment and fill in the correct language filenames if your documents are in a language other than English

Once you've got those set, indexing could not be simpler. Open a command prompt and go to your Egothor directory. From there issue the command:

ant -f tasks.xml index-local

That's it! Once the indexer is done you can go the location you specified in index.barrel and see what Egothor has wrought. There should be at least one new directory containing all the index files and a file called state, which contains the index's properties.

Your new index is ready for searching!

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