CVS for OS/2

First, add the two following lines to your CONFIG.SYS and reboot. If you don't have CVS installed in D:\SW\CVS, change the first line appropriately. If OpenSSH is not installed in D:\SW\OpenSSH, change the second line.


Then, create the file D:\SW\CVS\bin\CallSSHRight.CMD with the following content:

@echo off
%PATHTOSSH% %1 %3 %4 %5


Note that there is no %2 on the second line!

Anonymous Checkout and Export. 

Please issue the following commands :

cvs -z9 -d:ext:anoncvs@egothor.org:/cvsroot export -r HEAD egothor


cvs -z9 -d:ext:anoncvs@egothor.org:/cvsroot co egothor

When prompted for the password, please enter anoncvs and press Enter.


Developer access allows you to check in your changes to the repository. You should be registered as a developer to be able to do this. If you wish to join the project as a developer, please join the appropriate developer mailing list and post a brief resume requesting for inclusion.

And now you can proceed as you would normally do:

cvs -z9 -d:ext:developername@egothor.org:/cvsroot co egothor

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