Querying via Ant

You can use Ant to query a local index. Using this presupposes that you've generated an index somewhere in your system. If you try to run the query task before indexing, nothing will happen (that you'd like, anyway!).

Before you query you should take a look at the file build.properties in your Egothor directory. Once you've opened it up, make sure that index.barrel property is pointed to the location of an index you've already created. If the path doesn't point to an existing barrel, then either create one there, or change the path.

Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, using Ant to query could not be easier; all you have to do is issue one command from your Egothor directory:

ant -f tasks.xml query-local

from a command prompt.

You'll be asked for a query term (see "Querying an Index" for the forms your query can take) and once you've given Egothor something to look for, sit back and results (if there are any) will appear on your screen.


You'll probably want to redirect output to a file since the console doesn't exactly lend itself to readable output.

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