Querying via Applet or WebStart

You can set up an applet to search your previously indexed collection. Use one of the indexing tools available in Egothor to create an index, otherwise this tool will be of no use to you. The indexing tools are detailed in Chapter 2.

You have 3 choices when it comes to running the applet:

To get each of the three running here's what you need to do:

Using the Application (in any form). 

This is pretty straightforward. You'll need to point Egothor to the location of your index which can be done on the options tab in the application. Other options that can be set are the number of results returned per page and index capacity. Clicking "Apply" will save the values you set to the $EGOTHOR_HOME/egothor.properties file, and the next time you run, it'll start up with your settings. Otherwise, the Egothor applet should work just like any other search engine (only better!), i.e., type in a value and search. For searching help see the How to Form a Query page

Below are some screenshots of the Egothor applet.

Figure 3.2.  Applet options tab

Applet options tab

Figure 3.3.  Applet results tab

Applet results tab

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