Package org.egothor.dir

This package defines objects of distributed IR layer.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
BufferedTanker The BufferedTanker object uses a small memory barrel as a cache.
CWI The CWI object represents the simplest case of Collection-Wide-Information in an Information Retrieval system.
GlobalPositionsArray Created on 4.
GlobalPositionsBerkeley Global positions using Berkeley DB
GlobalPositionWithTS Global positions with timestamp of last operation.
Group A Group is a group of Barrels which are, in fact, represented as one Barrel.
IndexCleaner IndexCleaner is thread that locks an index directory and performs a clean up.
IndexRecovery This class is called everytime a check for crashed client thread is needed.
Tanker A Tanker is a group of Barrels with the capability of inserting new Barrels.
TankerImpl This object encapsulates core Tanker structure with some routines which make the life of a programmer easier.
TankerImplSecure This object encapsulates standard TankerImpl and adds multithread safe behavior.

Exception Summary
EgothorIndexConstExpiredException Thrown when index constancy has expired.

Package org.egothor.dir Description

This package defines objects of distributed IR layer.