Class PlagiarismChecker

  extended by org.egothor.duplicity.apps.PlagiarismChecker

public class PlagiarismChecker
extends java.lang.Object

Use this program to check document for plagiarism using an index with duplicity checking ability. There can be two types of input:

The program determines which documents from the input are candidates for plagiarism, and generates either graphical or plaintext report summarising which parts of the documents are similar to which parts of documents in the index. The documents that are not marked as plagiates can be than added to the index. Usage: java PlagiarismChecker input indexDir [-graphic-output|csv-output] [-c className] [-noprompt] input: specifies a path to the input barrel or document indexDir: directory containing the index to be used for plagiarism checking graphic-output: use this option to produce graphic output suitable for human readers csv-output: use this option to produce csv output suitable for machine processing if none of graphic-output|csv-output was specified, the csv-output is produced className: name of the class to be used to parse the input, must implement the BarrelReader interface and have a one String parameter constructor ignored if the input is a single file default = org.egothor.robot.index.ThickFastIn for barrels noprompt: the application does not prompt the user for anything INFO: Currently the only class that meets all the conditions (has a one String parameter constructor and provides resolved documents) is the default class.

Kate�ina Dufkov�

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void main(java.lang.String[] argv)
static void usage()
          Prints usage of this program.
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Constructor Detail


public PlagiarismChecker()
Method Detail


public static void usage()
Prints usage of this program.


public static void main(java.lang.String[] argv)