Interface Sequence<T>

All Known Subinterfaces:
DataRepository.TupleSequence, IMetaReader, SequenceWithClose<T>, SequenceWithRestart<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
ConcatSeq, DocumentsFastReader, DupWithoutDiacritics, Filter, Generator, Grammer, Iter2Seq, LowerCase, MergeSequence, ParagraphFilter, ParagraphPunctFilter, PermutedSequence, Phonetics, Plain, PunctFilter, RemoveDiacritics, Stemmer, StopFilter, Strings2Tokens, TermsFastReader, WordNGrammer

public interface Sequence<T>

Sequence allows you to iterate a sequence of not-null objects. The loop you would use may look this way:

   while (( != null) {

Leo Galambos

Method Summary
 T next()
          Return the next item in the iteration.

Method Detail


T next()
Return the next item in the iteration.

the item