Class WordNGrammer

  extended by org.egothor.core.Filter
      extended by org.egothor.parser.filter.WordNGrammer
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class WordNGrammer
extends Filter

This class produces N-grams of words. From a sentence with W words w1, w2, w3,... wW it produce W - N + 1 N-grams. The N is determined by the Constants.WORDNGRAMS_LENGHT constant. Filter treats all types of input tokens equally.

Output tokens:

Example (N=3):
Sentence: "the dog smelled like a skunk"
N-grams: "<NGRAM>the dog smelled", "<NGRAM>dog smelled like", "<NGRAM>smelled like a", "<NGRAM>like a skunk"

Typically the filter ParagraphPunctFilter shall be applied to the token sequence before this filter. If it is not, than all the document is taken as one sentence and N-grams are produced "on document level". This filter should be the last filter to apply. The filter has an inner context thus it cannot be shared in a filtering chain.

Kate�ina Dufkov�

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
WordNGrammer(Sequence<Token> prev)
          Constructor for the WordNGrammer object
Method Summary
 Token next()
          Return the next token.
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Constructor Detail


public WordNGrammer(Sequence<Token> prev)
Constructor for the WordNGrammer object

prev - tokenizer used by the filter
Method Detail


public Token next()
Return the next token.

Specified by:
next in interface Sequence<Token>
next in class Filter
the next token
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