Installation and Use of ::egothor

Table of Contents

1. Installation
Required Software
Optional Software
Optional Modules
Ant Tasks
Test Scripts
2. Indexing Your Documents
Indexing Remote WWW Documents
The Capek Web Crawler
Indexing Crawled Pages Using Michelangelo
Delta Indexing Using Oracul
Indexing Local Pages Using the Indexer GUI
Indexing Local Pages Using Ant
What Happens When You Index
3. Querying Your Index
How to Form a Query
Querying via the Egothor Webapp
Querying via Ant
Querying via Applet or WebStart
A. Licence

List of Figures

2.1. Karel Capek, Czech playwright
2.2. Michelangelo Buonarroti, Italian Renaissance artist
2.3. Processing of links
3.1. Egothor Webapp
3.2. Applet options tab
3.3. Applet results tab

List of Tables

2.1. Indexing Properties in build.properties
2.2. Index Files

List of Examples

2.1. A Rules File for Crawling Egothor.org
2.2. Running Capek as a Daemon
2.3. A script
2.4. Looking for a term in trm.idx
2.5. Looking for a term NOT in trm.idx
2.6. Looking for a term that MIGHT be in trm.idx
3.1. Keyword Query
3.2. Using Restrictions
3.3. Simple Boolean AND Query.
3.4. Simple Boolean OR Query
3.5. Multiple Boolean Query
3.6. Simple Boolean NOT Query
3.7. Long Boolean Query
3.8. Simple Query with Boolean Query
3.9. Simple Query with Restrictions in a Boolean Query
3.10. Phrase Syntax
3.11. Proximity Syntax
3.12. Querying with Boost Factors Syntax
3.13. Querying for Documents in a Specific Language Syntax
3.14. Webspace Specific Query Syntax
3.15. Multiple Query Form Syntax
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